Botox – Cranbury

Few dermatological procedures are as trusted for the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles as BOTOX. For almost 30 years, BOTOX has held a special place in the world of cosmetic surgery, since it safely and effectively reduces or removes the appearance of facial wrinkles with virtually no pain and with only rare and minor side effects

If you’ve ever heard of BOTOX, you probably know that it is the FDA-approved form of botulinum toxin A for the treatment of glabellar lines (the lines between the eyes that form an “11” shape), as well as squint lines, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and eyebrow lines.

Precise administration of BOTOX by a qualified practitioner instantly and sustainably eliminates the movement of certain muscles in the face and forehead. These muscles allow the face to move in the specific way—frowning, squinting, et cetera—that causes the wrinkles to appear over time.

In addition, these muscles can become overly large and tight, producing an appearance of chronic frowning, squinting, or whatever expression is causing the wrinkles. Chronic frowning or furrowing is a common reason to seek out a BOTOX treatment because it can make it impossible to obtain a pleasant or calm appearance.

BOTOX puts an end to the problematic muscular movement that causes this chronic expression. In the absence of these movements, the existing lines will begin to fade over time. In addition, with subsequent BOTOX injections, the overly large and tight muscles of the face will begin to relax and shrink, lessening or removing the appearance of the chronic unwanted expression on your face.

The effects of the first treatment become apparent within one week and last for up to four months. Multiple injections can be performed per year and your doctor will recommend a personalized schedule for receiving new treatments.

The side effects of BOTOX are minimal and often nonexistent. Minor soreness at the injection site and/or bruising have been known to occur but are rare. Other side effects which are possible but even rarer include a headache and some form of weakness in muscles near the injection site, leading to a drooping eyelid or eyebrow. Pressing or massaging the affected area should be avoided.

These rare side effects generally pass after one day.

There is a lot to love about BOTOX. It has helped countless women and more and more men feel better about their appearance. It works in conjunction with other procedures such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments. And last but not least, it is quick and virtually painless, allowing you to return to work almost immediately.

Accept no substitutes! BOTOX can help you achieve the calmer, more youthful-looking face you desire.