• After my regular dermatologist discovered that I had a small skin cancer on my face, she recommended Dr. Vine’s group and the Mohs procedure. After a consultation with Dr. Vine, he scheduled my procedure and explained it to me. It was scheduled for February 7th with Dr. Hazan. He was very kind, patient and thorough and the staff all made me feel very calm and at ease telling me that the cancer was gone and I could relax now! It wasn’t painful at all and I was there for about 4 hours total. I continued to follow the directions for my aftercare and it is now 7 weeks later. Although the redness is still there, the swelling has finally gone down and it looks much better. As per the doctor’s instructions, I will now start seeing my regular dermatologist every 6 months to make sure everything is okay. I am very satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Vine’s office and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs this highly successful procedure. Thank you again to your entire staff.

  • I had the moes procedure done on the side of my nose on Sept 27th by Dr. Hazan. I have to say on the day of the procedure, I was very worried about how it would look afterwards. He made five cuts until the tissue was clear. As of today, only 10 days after I am SO SO VERY pleased with how it looks and how it is healing. Having this procedure done on my face where it is obvious was difficult for me. Dr Hazan did a fabulous job. I could not be any more grateful for the time, effort and care he and his team took took in doing such an incredible job. I can not thank everyone enough!

  • I travel quite a distance just to be taken care of by Dr. Vine. He does excellent work.

  • Very professional – staff excellent – doctor checks up on you.

  • Dr. is very skilled, thoughtful and pleasant. We are pleased to know him.

  • Dr. Vine and his staff are caring and show compassion to patients. I am bringing my daughter here because I trust him.

  • Nice place to be taken care of. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful.

  • No complaints. Everyone was caring and professional. Exceeded my expectations.

  • Very happy and pleased with service, especially Dr’s call later in the day.

  • Dr. Vine has saved my life. He’s warm and compassionate.

  • No doubt that Dr. Vine has extended my life.

  • My husband has been here before and we think an awful a lot of Dr. Vine.

  • Very satisfied with the quality of care I receive.

    Princeton, NJ
  • Homey atmosphere, pleasant employees, skilled surgeon – Who could ask for more?

    Princeton, NJ
  • Excellent staff and Doctor

  • Coffee, water,and cookies were appreciated

  • I now can attend meetings without the constant concern of sweat showing through my shirt. The liposuction procedure for Hyperhidrosis has corrected my extreme sweating condition.

  • The results of my surgery are spectacular. They far exceeded the results I’d hoped for. I can now wear colored clothing without fear of sweating through the underarms. Before the surgery, I only wore black or white shirts, so people couldn’t see how much I was sweating. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. You were able to reduce the sweating by at least 90%. On some days, I don’t even sweat AT ALL under my arms!!

    Sincere thanks as well to both you and your staff. Not only were all of you knowledgeable and professional, but you were all very kind as well.

    Somerville, NJ
  • I have had Axillary Hyperhidrosis for all of my adult life. Some 20+ years. Those with the problem can relate their own methods of dealing with it to mine, but for me each day was a tedious chore. Every day I had to worry about what kind of exposure I would have that day. A great deal of thought had to go into what type of clothes I would wear. I had to worry about how long I would be out, and whether or not I would be able to cover up, or somehow absorb my sweat. 15 minutes after putting on my shirt, it would be soaked. I would try all kinds of tricks to cover up the problem, but the sweat volume would remain unchanged.

    I tried everything. I started like most people, with topical treatments. These did not work. They actually gave me pain after a few days of use. I tried oral medications. These did not work. I tried various other treatments [with a variety of undesirable side effects] but to no avail. The amount and frequency of my sweat persisted.

    I began posting on various internet sites. Many forums exist which address this condition. I investigated ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy). This is a procedure that severs certain nerve ganglion close to the spinal cord, near T2 (Thoracic vertebra #2) in most cases. There are many potentially severe side effects that may occur after this irreversable surgery. I heard of a new procedure that a few people had tried. It involved using Liposuction to actually remove the sweat glands. There was little information available on this, but it made sense to me. I personally have never heard a negative report about this procedure. I decided to go ahead and try it.

    The procedure was fast and virtually painless. After the surgery, I only took a couple of aspirins, which were sufficient to take care of the small level of irritation i Had. The change was immediate. I had a TOTAL subsistence of sweating under my arms. 100% !! I have yet to use any antiperspirants or deodorants, and it has been almost 3 months!! I can wear blue shirts, gray shirts, all kinds of colors. Not just black and white. It has completely changed my life.

    New Jersey
  • The procedure was a piece of cake. I was out of there in about an hour and the results are impressive. I experienced a substantial reduction in the sweating under my arms. I used to have to be extremely careful about the shirts I wore. They used to have to be either black or white (so sweat wouldn’t show under my arms), or very thick garments like sweaters that would soak up the sweat. I can now wear more kinds of shirts, even the ones that have just been sitting in my closet forever! Thanks Doc!

  • I was expecting to have more areas treated but Dr. Vine suggested to just have a couple of areas treated. This not only saved me money but had tremendous results

    Long Island
  • Dr. Vine exemplifies the blending of professionalism and compassion. The outcome of my botox procedure far exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

  • I’m a 50 year old woman and Dr. Vine has made me look ten years younger. I’ve been seeing him for years and will continue.

  • Dr. Vine spent as much time with me as I needed explaining how Botox works. I look younger and beautiful.

  • I have been to numerous doctors about my lines on each side of my lips. I finally found Dr. Vine whom not only knew how to improve them but had extremely gentle hands.

  • Dr. Vine is the most compassionate physician I have ever experienced. He truly cares for his patients.

  • I use to never pass by a mirror without looking at my imperfections on my face. Dr. Vine has been treating me every two weeks with facial peels. I now have a flawless and beautiful complexion.

  • Dr. Vine is the best! He cleared my red skin in a matter of a week.

  • 1st visit – very happy with overall experience so far!!

  • I came to Dr. Vine all the way from New York City because I heard what an incredible Dermatologist he is. He certainly exceeded my expectations

    NY City
  • Website was very informative and reassuring. I also liked the part about Venice Beach, CA. I enjoyed it there too!

  • He is one of a few doctors who calls his patients back after surgery and keeps close contact with his patients thereafter.

    New Jersey
  • I’ve been to several “famous” doctors in N.J. and have experienced better results with Dr. Vine.

    New Jersey
  • Nicole performed my 6 month body-check. Pics were taken of suspicious spots to monitor. Then had a botox injection …all was good. A future appointment time was made for a facial peel with Nicole. I have confidence in her advice and practice. I trust Dr Vine’s office to perform the best dermatological care.