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  • A Multi-Center, Double-Blind Study to Evaluate Butenafine HCL 1% Cream and Vehicle in the Treatment of Tinea Corporis. Study period: April 1995 – June 1996, Sponsoring Agency: Penederm.
  • A Double-Blind, Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study of Thermazene Cream (1% Silver Sulfa-diazine) in Chronic Wounds. Study period: May 1989 – January 1990: Sponsoring Agency: Sherwood Medical.
  • Evaluation of Allogencic Human Collagen in the treatment of Dermal Contour Deformities. Sponsoring Agency: Collogenesis.
  • Comparison of Neosporin Ointment W15717-2, Canadian Polysporin Double-Antibiotic Ointment W15804-3, and Simple Gauze – type Dressing on The Severity and Area of Scarring Resulting from Dermabrasion Wounds. Sponsoring Agency: Warner-Lambert Company.


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  • Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastatic to the Thumb. Texas Dermatological Society Meeting. May 20, 1995. Dallas, Texas.
  • Mycosis Fungoides Presenting with Rhinophoma-Like Lesions in a Pregnant Woman. 89th Annual Scientific Assembly of the Southern Medical Society. November 17, 1995. Kansas City, Missouri.
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