Post-Operative Wound Care Instructions


  • Keep the dressing dry and intact for 24 hours, and then begin dressing changes. You may shower after 24 hours
  • Wash your hand thoroughly with a mild soap/cleanser before each dressing change.
  1. Clean wound with gauze sponges/pads and mild soap /cleanser.
  2. Rinse the wound with water and pat dry with gauze .Apply a thick amount of plain petrolatum ointment
    (Vaseline/Aquaphor) with a Q-tip.
  3. Cover with a Non-stick dressing or Band-Aid as directed.
  4. Change the dressing once a day.

If bleeding occurs, remove bandage and apply 20 minutes of firm, constant pressure using gauze. Repeat for another 20 minutes if needed. If bleeding persists, call the office or go to the emergency room.

If you notice any signs or symptoms of infection,
(Fever, increased pain or swelling, increased redness, increased or change in wound drainage, or area becomes warm to the touch), call the office.

If you have any discomfort, you can take acetaminophen (extra strength Tylenol) as directed on the package. Avoid products containing Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or Naproxen (Aleve) for at least 48 hours.

Feel free to apply and ice pack over the top of the bandage for 10 – 15 minutes intervals every 1-2 hours as needed.